Monday, March 21, 2011

Divorces Do Not Have to Cost a Fortune The Intelligent, Economical Way to obtain an Uncontested Divorce

Many people today are seeking a friendly, amicable divorce and are troubled and disturbed by the exorbitant costs involved. There is no reason to pay literally thousands of dollars to accomplish an “uncontested divorce” if both parties consent to a simple divorce. It is certainly much more intelligent and prudent to obtain an amicable, uncontested divorce and a low cost.

The problem is that many firms do exist which offer so-called “low-cost divorces” however, the problem is that most of them also offer low quality service. In some instances, the clients must still fill out complicated forms or even go to court themselves.

The answer to this dilemma is to find an organization which offers very high quality, “full-service” capability while still charging a very reasonable, affordable fee. In other words, a firm which offers a tremendous quantity and quality of services at a fraction of the costs of the typical law firm.

Divorcefilers was created to fill this exact void. Divorcefilers provide a fast, simple and economical way to dissolve or annul a marriage in the most efficient manner. Divorcefilers has, in fact, been described as the new millennium's answer to obtaining a fast uncontested divorce.

Divorcefilers was founded on the beliefs that the costs of obtaining a simple, uncontested divorce were getting out of control, and that there could be a reasonable, affordable alternative.

In a world where time and money are always in short supply, the staff at Divorcefilers are dedicated to providing individuals seeking an amicable end to their marriage with the most rapid and cost effective means of accomplishing their goal.

Divorcefilers prepare and file divorce documentation with the court, but do not provide legal advice or counsel. Individuals seeking an amicable, uncontested divorce do not, therefore, carry the burden of unnecessary attorney's fees. Divorcefilers consists of a staff of dedicated, professional divorce document preparation experts who quickly, accurately and economically prepares and files all necessary matrimonial paperwork with the court. We employ state-of-the-art computer software and hardware solutions to tackle the complex problem of preparing and filing this detailed documentation.

Time and attention is provided to all current clients as well as prospective clients. We provide all our prospective clients with a free consultation in order to discuss court procedures, legal terms, court costs, and the filing process.

Most divorces are final in about two months. Even after the divorce is final, clients can call any time in the future if any new issue or concern arises within their family, whether it concerns custody, visitation or child support issues. There are attorneys available to handle even the most complex future issue should they arise.

Since Divorcefilers handles so many cases, we are efficient and very pro-active in getting each and every case handled diligently without wasting precious time. We work very hard to maintain an excellent reputation in the community and very much appreciate the kind referrals we have received over the years.

Divorcefilers has been providing clients with outstanding service since 1981. There is no longer a need to spend thousands of dollars when Divorcefilers can obtain professional results at an affordable cost.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Women Soldiers and Divorce

Female GIs Endure a Higher Rate of Divorce

For women in the military, there's a cold, hard reality: Their marriages are more than twice as likely to end in divorce as those of their male comrades -- and up to three times as likely for enlisted women.

About 220,000 women have served in Afghanistan and Iraq in roles ranging from helicopter pilots to police officers. Last year, 7.8 percent of women in the military got a divorce, compared with 3 percent of military men, according to Pentagon statistics. Among the military's enlisted corps, meaning they aren't commissioned officers, nearly 9 percent of women saw their marriages end, compared with a little more than 3 percent of the men.
Research indicates that military women also get divorced at higher rates than their peers outside the military, while military men divorce at lower rates than their peers, according to a journal article published last year by Princeton University's Woodrow Wilson School of Public and International Affairs and the Brookings Institution. Directly comparing divorce rates between the military and civilian sectors is difficult because of the way the numbers are kept. It also noted that older military women -- ages 40-49 -- are about half as likely to be in their first marriage as civilian women of the same age.

The percent of military women getting a divorce has been consistently higher for at least a decade.

Like all divorces, the results can be a sense of loss and a financial blow. But for military women, a divorce can be a breaking point -- even putting them at greater risk for homelessness down the road.

It has an effect, too, on military kids. The military has more single moms than dads, and an estimated 30,000 of them have deployed in support of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Why military women are more burdened by divorce is unclear, although societal pressure is likely a factor.

"It's a strange situation, where there's a fair amount of equality in terms of their military roles, but as the military increasingly treats women the same as it treats men in terms of their work expectations, however, society still expects them to fulfill their family roles. And that's not equally balanced between men and women," said David Segal, director of the Center for Research on Military Organization at the University of Maryland.

One speculation is that while more traditional men join the military, women who are attracted to military life are less conventional - and perhaps less willing to stay in a bad marriage.

About half of all married women in the military are married to a fellow service member, compared with less than 10 percent of military men. While it can be an advantage to be married to someone who understands military life, balancing two military careers poses challenges.

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Automatic Orders: What are they?

Automatic Orders

An “Automatic Orders” bill was signed by Governor Patterson and effective on September 1, 2009 in New York. 

The Automatic Orders bill amends the Domestic Relations Law and requires that specific automatic orders be served upon the Defendant along with the Summons.  The automatic orders are binding upon the Plaintiff when the action for divorce is commenced, i.e., when the Summons is filed in the County Clerk’s office, and binding upon the Defendant when he is served with the orders.  The orders remain in effect during the matrimonial action unless terminated or modified by court order or stipulation of the parties.  There are five automatic orders as follows:
 1.         Neither party can sell, transfer, encumber, conceal, assign, remove or dispose of any property (including real estate, personal property, cash accounts, stocks, mutual funds, bank accounts, cars and boats) individually or jointly held by the parties, except in the usual course of business, for customary and usual household expenses or for reasonable attorney’s fees in connection with the matrimonial action.

 2.         Neither party can transfer, encumber, assign, remove withdraw or in any way dispose of any tax deferred funds, stocks or any other assets held in any individual retirement accounts, 401(k) accounts, profit sharing plans, Keogh accounts, or any other pension or retirement account, and the parties can further refrain from applying for or requesting the payment of retirement benefits or annuity payments of any kind, without the consent of the other party or order of the court.

 3.         Neither party can incur unreasonable debts, such as by borrowing against any credit line secured by the family residence, further encumbering any assets, or unreasonably using credit cards or cash advances against credit cards, except in the usual course of business or for customary or usual household expenses, or for reasonable attorney’s fees in connection with the matrimonial action.

 4.         Neither party can cause the other or the children of the marriage to be removed from any existing medical, hospital and dental insurance coverage and each party must maintain the insurance coverage in full force and effect. 

 5.         Neither party can change the beneficiaries of any existing life insurance policies and each party must maintain the existing life insurance, automobile insurance, homeowners and renters insurance policies in full force and effect.

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