Monday, March 21, 2011

Divorces Do Not Have to Cost a Fortune The Intelligent, Economical Way to obtain an Uncontested Divorce

Many people today are seeking a friendly, amicable divorce and are troubled and disturbed by the exorbitant costs involved. There is no reason to pay literally thousands of dollars to accomplish an “uncontested divorce” if both parties consent to a simple divorce. It is certainly much more intelligent and prudent to obtain an amicable, uncontested divorce and a low cost.

The problem is that many firms do exist which offer so-called “low-cost divorces” however, the problem is that most of them also offer low quality service. In some instances, the clients must still fill out complicated forms or even go to court themselves.

The answer to this dilemma is to find an organization which offers very high quality, “full-service” capability while still charging a very reasonable, affordable fee. In other words, a firm which offers a tremendous quantity and quality of services at a fraction of the costs of the typical law firm.

Divorcefilers was created to fill this exact void. Divorcefilers provide a fast, simple and economical way to dissolve or annul a marriage in the most efficient manner. Divorcefilers has, in fact, been described as the new millennium's answer to obtaining a fast uncontested divorce.

Divorcefilers was founded on the beliefs that the costs of obtaining a simple, uncontested divorce were getting out of control, and that there could be a reasonable, affordable alternative.

In a world where time and money are always in short supply, the staff at Divorcefilers are dedicated to providing individuals seeking an amicable end to their marriage with the most rapid and cost effective means of accomplishing their goal.

Divorcefilers prepare and file divorce documentation with the court, but do not provide legal advice or counsel. Individuals seeking an amicable, uncontested divorce do not, therefore, carry the burden of unnecessary attorney's fees. Divorcefilers consists of a staff of dedicated, professional divorce document preparation experts who quickly, accurately and economically prepares and files all necessary matrimonial paperwork with the court. We employ state-of-the-art computer software and hardware solutions to tackle the complex problem of preparing and filing this detailed documentation.

Time and attention is provided to all current clients as well as prospective clients. We provide all our prospective clients with a free consultation in order to discuss court procedures, legal terms, court costs, and the filing process.

Most divorces are final in about two months. Even after the divorce is final, clients can call any time in the future if any new issue or concern arises within their family, whether it concerns custody, visitation or child support issues. There are attorneys available to handle even the most complex future issue should they arise.

Since Divorcefilers handles so many cases, we are efficient and very pro-active in getting each and every case handled diligently without wasting precious time. We work very hard to maintain an excellent reputation in the community and very much appreciate the kind referrals we have received over the years.

Divorcefilers has been providing clients with outstanding service since 1981. There is no longer a need to spend thousands of dollars when Divorcefilers can obtain professional results at an affordable cost.

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