Sunday, April 10, 2011

Like Overpaying at a "Fancy" Restaurant, People Are Overpaying for their Divorces

Paying High Legal Fees Are No Longer Necessary to Obtain a Basic Divorce

Our firm, has been in existence since 1981. This is our Anniversary 30th year in business!!!

We are still very much surprised to witness the fact that today so many couples are paying excessive legal fees in order to accomplish a simple divorce. These people do not even realize that they:

1. Are not getting what they think they are paying for.
2. Are not getting FAST, EFFICIENT service
3. Are not getting a FAST result, namely a final judgment of divorce in a timely manner
4. Usually do NOT have 7 day a week access to the firm assisting them.

Many people believe that they "get what they pay for" which is, in fact, oftentimes true. There are, however, exceptions to this concept. For example, if you find the right neighborhood diner, you can often have a wonderful home-cooked, delicious meal prepared for you at a very reasonable price compared to some super "fancy, " extremely expensive restaurant whose food is actually quite terrible. Just because you save money does not necessarily mean that you are getting an inferior product.There are some people who will still patronize the expensive, fancy restaurant even though they offer an inferior meal. 

This basic concept applies to the services provided at We work very hard to provide extremely high quality, efficient, low cost divorce services of which we can be proud. Like the neighborhood diner, we want to "serve" a wonderful product at a very low cost in order that our reputation in the community will be such that our clients will be more than happy to recommend us to others.

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